CARGO TRADING company is a manufacturer of cigarette filter tubes and filter tips in bags. Our company exists on the market since 2004. We supply our goods to the clients from Western Europe mainly from France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. We also cooperate with the customers from Southern Europe: Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Serbia. We also supply domestic market.

Our brands are : MINESOTA, GOLDEN LINE, PORT ROYAL, ALOHA. What’s more, we provide OEM services.

We offer a wide variety of products: standard cigarette filter tubes, cigarette filter tubes produced for special request, tubefillers, acetate filter tips (slim, regular, menthol, Eco and with menthol capsule), carton filter tips (white, unbleached, 3 colours), extra slim filter sticks (Pop-a-tip) as well as rolling papers Regular and Slim King Size.

Our assets are as follows:

– meeting our clients’ individual needs

– fast deliveries

– usage of top quality European raw materials

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